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Junk Removal Services in NYC

NYC Junk removal services by Maid For You New York offers top quality removal services and disposal of your unwanted waste. No need to stress out over the overwhelming task of paying for the cost of renting a dumpster and doing it yourself. Sometimes renting a dumpster for junk removal and paying to have the unwanted junk hauled away and disposed of  can end up costing you more in the long run. So if you've got junk, call Maid For You New York for a free quote on our junk removal services in New York. Call us for a free quote at 888-686-3507.

One of our most popular junk removal services is our junk removal with steam cleaning service package. This cleaning service includes the removal of all unwanted junk, garbage and debris that is hauled away and dumped at our local dumping facility in NYC. We then provide a thorough cleaning of the entire home or business with our steam cleaning machines to ensure all areas are completely sanitized. One of the major benefits of using the steam cleaning service is utilizing the green cleaning services we offer.

There are many reasons junk can accumulate in a home, garage, office or other property in New York. Sometimes it's just a slow build up of junk over time, whatever the reason you need junk, rubbish or other waste removed, Maid For You New You can handle the job. Other common reasons why a junk removal service may be needed are: Hoarding, estate cleanouts, elderly residences or commercial properties.

Hoarding, Elderly & Estate Cleanout Services

Maid For You New York provides clean out services for estates, elderly and hoarding cases in NYC. In these cases we understand the situations can be very emotional for everyone involved and we always work with our clients to make sure we protect their privacy and handle their belongings with the utmost care and respect, like it was our own family member.

Hoarding Information

With compulsive hoarding, people have an obsessive need to acquire many items, even if the items are worthless, dangerous or unsanitary. Whether you call it hoarding or just being a "pack rat," this may actually be a mental illness in which treatment is available. There are hoarding treatment centers in New York that can help with the illness. Hoarding is also known as Syllogomania. There are 5 levels of hoarding which may require professional help in line with cleaning professionals, organizers and junk removal services to help the person or family involved. To find a treatment center for hoarding in New York make sure you find a someone who specializes in hoarding and understands the needs of the person. In serious cases, we may need to work hand in hand with the treatment facility. The hoarding treatment center will be able to give you this information. Call us for a free quote at 888-686-3507 and let us help you through this difficult time.

Elderly Cleanup

All too often elderly people desire the independence they have always had and eventually become unable to help themselves. Many elderly refuse to ask for help and their homes and environments become unhealthy. Not being able to correct the issue on their own, often the elderly will keep to themselves and hide the clutter that is building around them. This is not an uncommon problem. Maid For You New York understand these issues with loved ones can occur. Our caring cleaning professionals will provide our removal services with respect and maintain the clients dignity as we work to remove the unwanted items or waste. Call us for a free quote at 888-686-3507.

Estate Cleanout

Maid For You New York also provides junk and waste removal services for estate clean-outs. Estate clean out services are available for those who have too much clutter in their attic, garage, basement, or anywhere in your house. Disposing of these items may be difficult for the property owner. Taking time off from work, renting a dumpster and breaking your back to clean out the estate yourself is just too must for most people. You need to hire a professional estate cleanout service to handle the job! Maid For You New York can also take on the task of thoroughly cleaning the estate and getting it ready for a new owner or a get it ready to put on the real estate market in New York.

Once all junk and rubbish have been removed Maid For You New York can provide you with our move in cleaning service to prepare the home for sale. If you are remodeling or having construction work performed on your home we can also provide you with post construction cleaning services. Please complete our free cleaning service estimate form for a cleaning service quote today

Deceased Estate Cleanouts

When tragedy strikes and you're left with the task of cleaning out an estate, removing unwanted junk and cleaning the property, the job may seem impossible. Your family member or friend may have lived at the estate for many years and accumulated many items as most people do. Also having an emotional tie to some of these items may only worsen the task of cleaning out the estate. Let the caring professionals at Maid For You New York help you. We will work by your guidelines to be sure the cleanout process goes smoothly and with respect for your family member or friend. We will work hard and treat the personal items in the estate as our own family member's. Call us for a free quote at 888-686-3507 and let us help you through this difficult time.

Commercial Cleanouts

Maid For You New York also provides cleanout services for commercial properties. If the last tenant left junk and garbage behind, we can clean out the mess, haul it away for you and even finish the job with our professional cleaning services and carpet cleaning services in New York.
We can make your office ready to move
in to and can even continue to clean
your office after you move in! A single
call and Maid For You New York will
take care of all your cleanout, junk
removal and cleaning needs!


Not many junk removal services can do the entire job as we can! Maid For You New York can remove your unwanted junk, cleanout the clutter and haul it all away. After the cleanout is complete, our cleaning services can complete the job since Maid For you New York also offers professional cleaning services and carpet cleaning services in New York, we can do the whole job, not just the cleanout of the larger items, leaving you with a mess to clean. Maid For You New York will do the entire job...  That's why Maid For You is your best choice for rubbish removal and hauling services as well as professional cleaning services in New York!

Some of Maid For You New York’s most frequent cleaning areas for junk removal in NYC are Astoria, Forest Hills, NYC, Manhattan, Bayside, Flushing, Brooklyn, Long Island City and Queens NY

We offer our New York junk removal, waste removal, hording cleanup, elderly
cleanup and estate cleanout services in the following areas
New York City, NY (NYC) Manhattan, NY Bronx, NY
Brooklyn, NY Queens, NY Staten Island, NY
  Long Island, NY  

Call Maid for You New York right now for a free junk removal quote at 888-686-3507. Don't attempt to clean or remove the junk without first calling for an estimate. Sometimes Maid For You New York can remove the unwanted junk or waste and clean up the mess for less money than a dumpster rental. When people attempt to remove the junk and clean the property themselves, the task becomes too much and takes too much time to complete the junk removal and cleanup process. Having to take time off from work, renting a dumpster and hiring other services to perform cleaning tasks can be costly, at Maid For You New York, we can handle the entire job!

Keep your money, your free time, and your sanity, call us: 888-686-3507

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