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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services with our New Disinfecting Steam Vapor Cleaning Method by Maid For You New York!

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in NY:

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For cleaning tile and grout, Maid For You New York uses one of two methods to steam clean your ceramic tile and grout. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service team uses either an acid base tile cleaner or steam vapor with a steam cleaning machine. For tile and grout that requires more attention, our cleaning team may use a combination of the two for deep cleaning of the grout and tile. Why bring new life to your carpets and not do the same for the tile floors in your kitchen, bath and hallways? Let Maid For You New York professionally clean your grout and tile! Cleaning tile and grout is often a tedious task that requires hours of hard work and getting good results are hard to achieve. Maid For You New York is ready to tackle the task of cleaning your tile and grout and give you results that are second to none! Sit back and relax as Maid For You New York cleans and sanitizes your tile and grout!

Eliminating Odors and Bacteria with a Steam Cleaner?
Steam cleaning is an excellent cleaning method to eliminate odors and bacteria in bathrooms, restrooms, and kitchens. Heat from the steam cleaner kills the organisms that chemical can't get to and also loosens grease, mildew, mold, nicotine and other contaminants that can create unwanted odors. The steam cleaning method makes a healthier environment for everyone. Steam vapor is the ultimate penetrating power to clean and sanitize tile floors, grout, walls and most other surfaces. The extremely high temperature of the steam vapor kills bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites and other allergy causing pathogens. The smaller, higher temperature vapor molecules easily clean out dirt and grease and can get into tight places where odors and bacteria can hide from conventional cleaning service methods.

Can The Steam Vapor Cleaning Method
Clean Anything Else?

Steam cleaning of ovens and hard wood floors are another service that Maid For You New York offers. Let the power of natural steam vapor safely remove grease and stuck on food from your hard to clean oven and hardwood floors. Steam vapor is much safer than using harsh chemicals inside your oven. Whether you are a home owner or a restaurant manager, everyone can appreciate the use of natural steam vapor to professionally clean their cook stove and oven! Wood floors can also be cleaned using our steam cleaning method. Let us restore the natural beauty of your precious wood floors with our steam vapor cleaning machine while the power of steam also sanitizes your hard wood floors and kills dust mites, and bacteria at the same time! After the first cleaning, you will be hooked on our safe, state of the art steam vapor method of cleaning your hardwood floors, ovens, bathrooms, and kitchen!

Why use a Steam Vapor Cleaning Method?
The use of steam vapor to clean your home, office or restaurant is a proven process that thoroughly removes grease, grime, nicotine, wax, or other stains and odor producing residues. The steam vapor cleaning service method also allows you to sanitize and deodorize areas that are impossible to treat mechanically or chemically. The steam can get into tight places to clean where rags and towels cannot reach, and even deep into the pores of surfaces that may have never been cleaned! These tight spaces are hiding spots for some of the most dangerous bacteria and mold! With our steam cleaning process, Maid For You New York is able to professionally remove, clean and sanitize these hiding spots! Grout, tile, sinks, faucets, drain openings, toilets, door handles or other surfaces will be left thoroughly clean and sanitized!

Steam Vapor Cleaning Method Explained:
Our steam vapor cleaning process eliminates chemical residues while sanitizing the surface being treated. The vapor system removes surface contaminants without degrading the surface. The heat combined with very fine water particles penetrates even the pores or of the surface. This proven process thoroughly removes contaminants plus leaves the surface free of residue. Visually superior results are achieved with the steam cleaning services by Maid For You New York. The steam vapor cleaning method also allows you to sanitize and deodorize areas that are impossible to treat mechanically or chemically. The steam vapor melts away grease, grime, soap build-up, mold, bacteria, tar, nicotine and even stains thought to never come out. Your grout, tile or other surfaces will be left thoroughly clean and sanitized!

Does Maid For You New York Offer Steam Vapor Cleaning for Restaurants, Commercial Buildings or Offices?
Maid For You New York does offer our steam cleaning method for restaurants, commercial buildings and offices. For restaurants, Maid For You New York can clean your restrooms with our steam cleaner to remove odors, stains, and kill bacteria on the tile walls, dividers, sinks, toilets, or anywhere that germs, bacteria and foul odors hide that standard cleaning methods can’t touch! We can also safely clean ovens, stove tops, range hoods, food storage areas, counter tops or other places that require a safe alternative to chemical solvents. Since many restaurants use tile and grout, our proven steam vapor cleaning method is a perfect alternative to spraying chemicals in areas where it may come in contact with food.

For offices or commercial buildings, Maid For You New York uses the steam cleaning method to clean your restrooms and kitchen areas. Toilets, sinks, tile and grout will be thoroughly cleaned by our professional cleaning staff. We also provide steam cleaning for your wood floors. Hardwood floors can be damaged by some conventional cleaning methods. Our steam cleaning method will get your hard wood floors clean, while sanitizing the surface to kill bacteria, mold and dust mites that can be a health risk to you and your staff.

Have questions about our steam vapor cleaning method? Please call us at 888-686-3507 or complete our Residential or Commercial Online Estimate Forms.

Maid For You In New York's Steam Vapor Cleaning Services
are offered in the following areas :

New York City, NY (NYC)
Long Island, New York
Manhattan, New York
Bronx, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Queens, New York
Staten Island, New York

Our steam cleaning service can be combined with any of our other services, including House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Move-In/Out Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning or Post Construction Cleaning

Maid For You New York also offers steam vapor cleaning services for wood floors, tile and grout in: Bayside, Whitestone, Jackson Heights, Ozone Park, Williamsburg, Boro Park, Carroll Gardens, Greenpoint, Mill Basin, Red Hook, Coney Island, Riverdale, Soho, Battery Park City, Queens, Flushing, Hoboken NJ, NYC, Forest Hills, Harlem, Sunnyside, Woodhaven, Woodside, Middle Village, College Point, Marine Park, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Little Neck, Great Neck, Glen Cove, Corona, Jamaica, Elmhurst, Fresh Meadows, Maspeth, Malba, Ridgewood, Richmond Hill and Bellerose New York.